19 Aug 2013

Seungri- Let's Talk About Love

Finally, after 2 years 7 months his solo debut, he comeback with 2nd album "Let's Talk About Love" and main track "Gotta Talk to U".

And the most important is little maknae now grown up. I just find out that this whole mini album all lyrics, composed by himself. Ah~ Seungri ya~..
He same age with me. Or he little younger than me. When he born? December 12? Oh, he younger than me? 
See, I told you. he doing great in this industry and with Big Bang. 
Back to this album. Some people complain, lately YG come out with same genre or same kind of album. Sexiness, sexiness and all about that. Last YG doing different than others with Lee Hi "Rose". Then,that's it. 
Hmm.. I'm no comment about it since I'm 'tawar hati' dengan Kpop. 
Buat lawak aku dengan Kpop ni. Macamana la aku boleh tawar hati. Hai, Kpop please take my heart back. I will setia with you guys forever. Hihihi
Okay. That's it about Seungri . 

Lepas ni, aku menunggu HISTORY, GDRAGON, who else? So, just wait and see my update. Thanks

Tracklist for Aug

Hai. Anyeonghaseoyo~

How do you do? I hope you guys are good in any weather. Ahakz.. Such a skema intro. Haaa.. I'm doing my favorite music in the same email of my blog. So I don't need to log in to others acc. So.. I start with my track list of August. 
By the way, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri for my muslim readers. And Happy Independent Day Indonesia. So, I will try my best to keep in touch with you guys about my opinion in Kpop.
Yah~ I know. There are so much Kpop fans doing a same thing. Bla.. Bla.. Let them be. And this is my opinion. My homework when I get bored. So, 
If You don't want to read 

During this holiday, I don't what the best song I would love to hear. But there so much songs comeback in this August. Like GDragon and Seungri [Because I'm VIP]. EXO who success with both their comeback since they debut. BAP also doing well even some Baby are upset with the music video and the song. Ze:A with the Ghost of wind. VIXX with 내.다.나.다.너. Ah~ There are so many until I forgot who is in my bias list. :P

If you guys want to know details [ of course I know you all know details since you guys always have time hang out at tlist]

I don't. So, I will update what I know about. Now, I'm very excited with new drama replace 'I Hear Your Voice' at SBS channel. Do you know about it? 

The Master And Sun.

Actually there reason I watch this drama. 
1. Because of So Ji Sub. 
2. Sound like okay for me. 
3. Because of So Ji Sub. Again.
4. There were Seo In Guk. He hot. 

Ah~ Then I found it much better than "I Hear Your Voice" or "Who Are You(2013)". Even I'm fans of 2PM Ok Taecyeon. [not very much la]. Still I watch both of them. Thanks to gooddrama.net give such easier way to watch it either online or you can download it on your smartphone. So, you can do it by your own. 

Okay. I already out of my way to do playlist/track list for August. Ah~ mian.. 

But still I don't what or which one better because now I find myself not into Kpop very much since I keep excited about EXO and other sisters smirk at me. Feel weird if there no one you can talk about it. I don't know why I'm into EXO. Maybe since my unnie drag me into "Knowing EXO" classes. I also know that all EXO members do touch their faces but pretend like you born that way. Maybe that also the reasons why I become like this. Into  this feeling. Heard EXOtics screaming and shouting how much they love EXO. Ah~ such annoying. 
I tried ok.Don't blame me because this is my opinion. Now I'm like; crazy want to buy EXO repackage album even I know I don't have money to buy it. T_T
And also I want to runaway to Korea because I want to feel what Korean people feel about everyday they listen news about idols. =____=

Okay. This is spoiler. By the way... This thing make me think twice why I love kpop. In my smartphone music app, MP3, laptop there a lots of them. Until make others sick because my music? Isn't wrong? That mine. My choice what kind of music I want to hear. What language I want to listen. Haiya~ Ini namanya orang tak cukup tido.

Ok. These is track list for Aug. For most played in my gadget. Even some song already pass one month.

1. EXO-Growl

Firstly, there a ghost appear between Luhan and D.O shoot. Careful watch it. EXO lyrics much easier to understand and learn rather than others. And FYI, I will try to find other reason why I should love EXO. :D

2. Beast-Shadow

This song is EPIC. Second music video I like after "Monster" by Big Bang. 

Speak of Big Bang, today they celebrate their 7th. #B7gBang trending in twitter perhaps. What a busy month for our leader Kwon. Happy Belated Birthday oppa~ With his comeback, Seungri comeback. Ah~ makes me can't sleep waiting for them. 

3. VIXX-Jekyll

 But still catchy song. My eyes keep watching Hong Bin. He is my bias in VIXX. Because he had same birthday with me. Uneasy to find Kpop idols born in Libra September.

4. 24K-U R so cute.

Well.. This group.... Umm... catchy song with cute music video.

5. Ailee- U & I

 I didn't make this song into my playlist. But when after watched Music Bank or Inkigayo, I will sing this chorus for few times until I forget. Ah~~~ What a good chorus and great vocal.

6. Infinite-Destiny

 Okay. High pitch with Sungkyu voice. Urgh~~~

7. Gummy- Day and Night [OST Master and Sun]

 Ah~ melting.....

8. Nell- run [OST Two Weeks]

Even I didn't watch this drama yet.. I guess this drama are pretty good right? With Lee Jun Ki comeback. This kind of drama I need a tough reason why I should watch. Make me.. I want to watch this but.....

9.MBLAQ-No love

10. Colla Voice- That Song

It's hard to find dl for this song. Seem like this song didn't exist in mp3. But they perform in Music bank. That make me want to find this song and BOoomm! Now in my mp3 even don't have album cover. 

Okay. That's my 10 track list. I'm sleepy right now but I can't sleep because I have to get my thing to send my resume. Ah~~ babo. mianhe. Not to you guys. It's for me.. I'm tired!!! Okay. Anyeong. And Ohayou!!!

The Beginning

From:   Mi
To:  Mee

Hai, anyeong~ I feel sorry and regret to tell this to you. Sorry to burden you and regret because I didn't have so much time to open my blog. Here the keyword. Kpop. Of course you know since I heard you a big fans of South Korea idols even you can't eat spicy. So, please take care my info and my blog. Or you can make a new one. [here it is] 
Please update some latest drama or movie that I suggest you to watch. Or maybe you can spend a lot of time to story to our fans about how good some drama or movie or songs. It's depends on you what you want to write. As long it's KPOP. 
So, have a nice journey along your treasure. Please take care them as much you take care yourself.
Gomawo. Xie Xie. Thanks a lot. Terima kasih. Arigato. Kamsahamnida. Gracious.