19 Aug 2013

Seungri- Let's Talk About Love

Finally, after 2 years 7 months his solo debut, he comeback with 2nd album "Let's Talk About Love" and main track "Gotta Talk to U".

And the most important is little maknae now grown up. I just find out that this whole mini album all lyrics, composed by himself. Ah~ Seungri ya~..
He same age with me. Or he little younger than me. When he born? December 12? Oh, he younger than me? 
See, I told you. he doing great in this industry and with Big Bang. 
Back to this album. Some people complain, lately YG come out with same genre or same kind of album. Sexiness, sexiness and all about that. Last YG doing different than others with Lee Hi "Rose". Then,that's it. 
Hmm.. I'm no comment about it since I'm 'tawar hati' dengan Kpop. 
Buat lawak aku dengan Kpop ni. Macamana la aku boleh tawar hati. Hai, Kpop please take my heart back. I will setia with you guys forever. Hihihi
Okay. That's it about Seungri . 

Lepas ni, aku menunggu HISTORY, GDRAGON, who else? So, just wait and see my update. Thanks

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