19 Aug 2013

The Beginning

From:   Mi
To:  Mee

Hai, anyeong~ I feel sorry and regret to tell this to you. Sorry to burden you and regret because I didn't have so much time to open my blog. Here the keyword. Kpop. Of course you know since I heard you a big fans of South Korea idols even you can't eat spicy. So, please take care my info and my blog. Or you can make a new one. [here it is] 
Please update some latest drama or movie that I suggest you to watch. Or maybe you can spend a lot of time to story to our fans about how good some drama or movie or songs. It's depends on you what you want to write. As long it's KPOP. 
So, have a nice journey along your treasure. Please take care them as much you take care yourself.
Gomawo. Xie Xie. Thanks a lot. Terima kasih. Arigato. Kamsahamnida. Gracious.

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