16 Sep 2013

The Master Sun OST

Part One: Gummy - Day & Night

Part Two: Hong Dae Kwang - You and I

Part Three: Hyo Rin - Driving Me Crazy

Part Four: Yoon Mi Rae - Touch Love

Part Five: Jung Dong Ha of Boo Hwal - Mystery

Part Six: Melody Day- All About

Hmm.. I can't wait for next episode.. So, see you next time. My favourite drama for this year. Before I forget,credit for my favorite place for download these mp3. Gomawo~ 

Add in~

Part 7: Seo In Guk -  겁도 없이 No Matter What

ok. Done. But since I didn'y watch yet.. I very sad.. Ah~ Hepy choseok day's to korean people~~

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