26 Sep 2013

The Master's Sun OST part 8?

Ok. I didn't watch yet this episode but the OST came out first. Ya~ this song very sad. I'm very curious what really happen between them. OK. Be patient to gooddrama will update it. Yesterday also RM latest just diuploadkan mereka.


8. Youme (유미) - Last Love.

Who Last Love? Isn't Joo Joong Won or Tae Gong Shil??

Oh~ I can't wait.. This song very sad. Btw they extend the drama episode become 17. hmm.. I guess what happen next. 
Ok. Nobody answer me about spoiler? hmm.. I think I want to do it. But I don't have free time. ah~ my schedule very full from tuesday to sunday. Ok monday is my off work but I need to extra sleep. 
ok la. Bubai~ to to work tomorrow.  
hihi sempat lagi update benda ni. Ok.. Anyeong~ Jalja.... \o.o/

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