5 Sep 2013

Favorite songs perhaps?


Hmm... what's happen to these guys? I thought they would continue with their special genre of music but seem they typical korean idol. They look very different in this MV. I tried my best to keep this song in my MP3.. It's hard T.T So, mianhe~

2: Teen Top - Rocking


I don't know they have comeback. Wah~ daebak. This group always make a great song which it's not my genre. Hihi What's my genre? I will listen songs thst make my heart stumble. Just not love song.  I also don't know. I just listen songs that have my memories there. hihi
BUT, this group always daebak. JJang!

By the way, do you guys know EXO- 으르렁 make their 12th victory??? Of course you know if you really twitter maniac.. hahah This group what happen actually?? They 2nd artist who make winning triple crown at SBS Inkigayo. WOW~ 1st of course PSY.

Huh, I don't have any word to describe these 12 young guys. Hope they keep stay healthy and happy. There were rumor said; EXO victory will make SUJU gone from KPOP. hmm.. This old man, really~~

3:G-Dragon - Cope de'tat

Ok. This MV I didn't watch yet but I'm not going to watch it since my noona said it's about religious. Hmm.. Ok GD. I never like your genre. Even you are my saeng bias. hmm.. GD genre always heavy even CRAYON. I never listen or keep that song in my MP3. But still hear at shopping Mall or somewhere unless not in my room, my smartphone, my lappy, my gadgets.

Who else make their comeback??

24K,, Kara.. I don't know.

p/s: I don't have time to update every time. So, forgive me, I just update the song that I love, I listen hihi

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