17 Nov 2014

Big Bang - Heaven

The first thing I've done today.

Can't sleep so I edited my subscription at Youtube. Gone trough Lovekpobsubs that bring a lot of memory. Memory land since I've fallen in love with Kpop world. I done nothing.

Long time ago, I did said,  why people crazy about korean drama? So boring.. blah blah blah..

We, sisters always love music. We listening a lot kind of music. One day, We watched V asia. I heard song Heaven by Big Bang.

I listen everyday. During that year, we doesn't have smartphone yet. So, just waiting at the channel so that we can listen that song again and again. So, we download it from dad pc, and keep it in our pen drive.  

It's funny when flash it back. Since then, I always listening to Kpop songs. Until now, with Lovekpopsubs 8 till her change channel every time she get strike. 8,10,12,13,14 and now 15. Because she become so clever, maybe that's why she keep stay on latest channel. 


memory land sungguh.. Sampai sekarang orang masih tanya, kenapa la akak minat dengan kpop.. 

My latest bias is my dongsaeng. iKon. Winner. hmmm What happen to me?? haiyak~~

6 Nov 2014

iKON 6th member confirmed!


My voted didn't wasted!

I hope he become 7th member.. 

Where Kim Dong Hyuk?? 


Crying for awhile because of this. 

06112014 2300 

Last member of iKON will be announce. I hope that it is HIM... 


We want Kim Dong Hyuk.. 
The original of Team B.. 

30 Oct 2014


It's been awhile I'm being hiatus. Yeah?? Miss you too.. -perahsan! 

I really dun have time to catch up with those new group in Kpop world. But now, I have one. Ouppss, two actually..

Who? Lovely team from YG ent. ergh~ fallin' in love with those guys.

When their debut, I listening to this song~ 
actually while writing this, I'm still listening their album. :) 
Long story about them. hmm.. I didn't watch WIN yet, try to catch up but now I'm watching Team B in Mix & Match.

Mino, Jinwoo, Taehyun, Seunghoon and Seung Joon??

I just now 2 of them. The rest still confusing. I had hard time to remember those face and name. hehe

Next, Of course Team B..

Every time see Hanbin, I felt like wanna give my shoulder to him. Poor him~ Dear, U still young. Don't be rushing to achieve your dream. I hope he will debut. Please YG~~

Still there will be a fierce competition for them. 2014 isn't lucky year for K pop industry. With  lot of thing happen make me realize,  they just wanna be as good as their idols. Now, WINNER have tough journey to move. So Team B. 

I found out, their maybe debut in China first in same time their will debut in Korea. hmm.. Well game YG. But, please don't push my bias too much k.. For them~ please take care your self. 

I wish I can be your maid. I will prepare your meals, do your laundries, pamper when you felt lonely. hmm~ 
Hehe too much dreaming..