19 Apr 2015

E.X.O comeback??

Going hiatus for awhile, I just know EXO make comeback past few weeks and they already collect trophy for winning Show Campion, Inkigayo, and what else? Also heard about Lay hitting staff, reporters keep telling Tao are leaving which is not true. 

Poor my baby~ 

Okay~ Come back with 10 track list in album 'EXODUS' make EXO-L proud with their bias including me. I thought I can leave them after Kris departure, but their songs very catchy. But the title song not my genre, so I choose with Exodus and El Dorado.. 

I'm very busy during these semester which is all is lies, but I also don't know when and what I should write here. According to my poor English grammar, 

So, for my semester holiday waiting for: 

1. Orange Marmalade drama
2.  iKON debut
3. Big Bang comeback
4. BTS comeback

Wow~ so many la event for this summer~~ yuhuuuu~~

Let me treat you guys with EXO songs~~


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