11 May 2015

Kim Sung Kyu "27"

I think I fallen in love with electric rock.
Sound good in Kim Sung Kyu 2nd mini album: 27. Even though I don't really like his voice, but the music, arrghhhh~ killing me..

So, I decide to download his album, listen it. And now, the album on my playlist. Omaigad~~~

 I might look crazy here, people called me an useless, still I had do my on things rite?

Here, thanks to lovekpopsubs, she done everything to subbing those music video. Whenever she get strike from youtube, I always re-following her new channel. Go Go Go, Girlz~~

Is he copy like Big Bang? release 2 songs in one time?? hmm....

I hope you won~ *smirk face*

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