6 May 2015

BTS~~ I Need U

 Why you are messing up with my bias collection???!!!
Their song also eargasm. Lagu ni dok terngiang dalam kepala. I need U, girl~ 
Ergh~ Suara Jimin...
This semester break make me rolling in the sky with those come back. With Big Bang, BTS... Urgh~~ Senior VS Junior.

Are you already watch their music video? Or perhaps their dance practice? Both of them you should
Here,, let me share with you~

credit: Mr.Google. Mrs. Youtube :)

 You guys should listen whole album. It's really good. With Outro from Jung Kook, Hold Me Tight as lullaby song before sleep by V. It's really nice knowing them doing very well. Their grown up, man~

Keep it up, Bangtan Boys!!! Aja aja fighting!

Even, some fans are crazy. Make fuss with comparing you guys with Big Bang. Big Bang is legend. Don't compare yourself with some legend that people already know their fame. I know, Korean entertainment industry are really brutal. Bak kata orang melayu, macam cendawan tumbuh. Semua orang berpusu-pusu nak masuk industri music yang semua orang sedia tahu, bukan senang nak  jadi femes.

hikhik~ what the hell I'm mumbling in the middle of night? Sorry mum~

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