11 May 2015

Ex Girlfriends Club

With bright smile on my face after watching 'Ex Girlfriend Club'..

Omaigad~ I didn't realize actually I'm waiting for this drama. Because of Song Ji Hyo. Wow~ This drama make me feel alive after Kill Me Heal Me ended.
  Now, I can't wait till Friday to watch this drama. Actually, I hope drakor will update as one of their drama list, because since the other one port didn't used a better video. But never mind. As long the drama still on, I glad I found wherever I want to watch.

I just hope the ending will not make me doesn't want to watch Korean drama anymore. Because sometimes the ending didn't come what we want. Still please do your best to pleased us~ PD nim~

Synopsis of the story:

Soo-Jin (Song Ji-Hyo) is a producer at a film production company. Her company decides to make a film based on a popular webcomic by Myeong-Soo’s (Byun Yo-Han). The webcomic is about Myeong-Soo's ex-girlfriends. It just so happens, Soo-Jin is also an ex-girlfriend of Myeong-Soo. Now, Soo-Jin has to interact with her ex-boyfriend and his 3 ex-girlfriends: Hwa-Young (Lee Yoon-Ji), Ji-A (Jang Ji-Eun) and Ra-Ra (Hwa Young). 

EP01 | EP02 | EP03 | EP04 | EP05 | EP06 | EP07 | EP08 | EP09 | EP10 | EP11 | EP 12

Hope you guys enjoy it~~~

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