15 Nov 2015


Phew~ the competition is begin between iKON and B.A.P. Phew!! it's become hot baby..

I can't stop myself to posting this rare and most actively thing. :) Huh~ heart. Please stop beating for both comeback.. Omigod~~~

Let's make this MV million views!!!


iKON - Apology

CR: youtube

B.A.P - Young, Wild & Free

Waw~ Fantastic!!! B.A.P is come back!!!!

I was screaming loudly until got maki from my neighbor. Waaa~ My baby is come back. We slay it baby!!

No expression to express this feeling. Like... I want damn in Malaysia right now. Waaa!!!!

Let see this MV and make it till thousand millions views!!!


Sepertinya - Fynn Jamal

It's rarely I post about Malay singer. But this caught my attention lately. Because I had difficult semester this time, so this song made me felt alive? Perhaps. But this.. Keep me to realize that no one beside me unless myself. 

Hurt? Nope. I tired of that. Just listen for this song. Make you mind. Be strong. Stay strong. Gambatte!