20 Dec 2015


Waaa~ this web drama make me smile till my face can't get over of it. So sweet, romantic and phew~ I don't know what word to describe this drama. Firstly, I download this drama because it's been Top 3 in Kissasian.com when I open the site, But, after that, I just want to watch Thai movie, or something that not heavy. But you guyrs, don't worry about it, this drama is simple is the title, ah~ no... is simple typical college drama. hehe

Starring by Young Ji KARA, Han Ki Woong and along with Boys Republic, I think it worth to watch for weekend. This drama just have 12 episode with 14:40 duration, it will not take a long time to watch. Yeah~ come on... join my free soul to watch it.. hehe 

PLEASE CLICK >>alchemist<< if you want to watch it online. I hope you don't regret it~ 

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