16 Dec 2015


Done watching it~

So nice if you had a childhood friend, and you stick with her/him till you died. Pergh~ it's so perfect drama ever. 

Actually, I don't want to watch this drama because don't have a good reason to watch it. :p I'm not like always and forever watching Kdrama without analyse the synopsis of  drama. Currently, there so many Kdrama until I don't know which one I should watch first. At last, I open a new tab, click to Youtube and type, -Top Korean Drama 2015- :) 

Such silly I am right? But most people suggest the most famous drama. Yes. Exactly. Because I type the top drama right. Haha 

So, I randomly walk at dramanice , kissasian , dramatv and still don't find which drama I should watch. I asked to my friend for the suggestion, they also don't know which one much better for my taste of drama. 

I also don't know what kind drama I like to watch. ihikz~

One fortnight, my sister tell me that she want to watch Bubblegum yet because her Oppa's drama. Me like, hurm.... I don't like him, not because him... Just... I'm not obsess with him either. Uhuk~ I don't how to describe him, just don't.

And.. now I'm done download and watched it. I suggest you guys should try t watch this drama. For me, this drama sweet as Lee Dong Wook personality himself, the woman that he close to. Watch it!

Go go Go~ 

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