16 Dec 2015

Day 6

Ha~ sambil-sambil blogwalking di malam hari, I listening to Day6 - Colors ... Senyum la sengsorang dengan buat kerja gila nih~ nampak sangat dah tak ada kerja ya...

Moh~ I tell you guys about this group.. or you might want to see their profile at Day6 profile. I used to know them in WIN when

          Team A & Team B

compete for to first debut. And one of their mission is to compete with JYP trainer. It kind of tradition between JYP and YG to see which one of their trainer should be debut first.

And of course the one first debut is WINNER. Currently their preparing for comeback early next year. I'm look forward for it!

Back to Day6, now they debut, on my month, September 7,2015.  So I proudly say their one of my favorite.

For first time, I always confius them with N.Flyin because they both band. Debut within one month or perhaps same month.. But, now I know which one my bias. :P

Day6 got my attention again when I random walking in youtube channel in found this hot young guy.. Terry He that just comeback for outside world to vlogger. A what?

Who is he? Why he in my recommended?? And BOOM!

Brian Kang ne of Day6 member was he best friend. Nope! Not was. Still currently is his best friend. Latest, Terry He travel to South Korea for first concert Day6. Auwww~ So sweet.

Damn~ I want him to be my friend. From Canada to Seoul. Hurm~ Wow,, lucky them. God bless their friendship. You might want to see him rite? naa~~~ ThumpingPenguin ha~ suddenly I think now I'm obsess with kpop.. haha nope. obsess with handsome guy. *pervert*!

K. I lost my idea again. Isn't?

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