14 Jan 2016

Compilation of Beast Japan Official Music Video

Every Kpop artist went to Japan and their debut in Japan. Certain artist just remake their Korea album to Japan album. But, Beast one of my favorite K Idols, they make a studio for Beast Music. 


Saigo No Hitokoto - Can't say other word

They just one of K idols that every each of them can do different thing beside Big Bang. I bet Jun Hyung really try hard to make his dream to come true. 

 Stay Forever Young

I love how their represent their own music. Last few years, I don't really like Jpop because of their genre. Like, they more to rock pop, rock ballad and everything about rock that I'm not into it. 

Some people might say, ah~ now you still don't like Jpop because of those fellow is not actually Japanese. Perhaps right. haha 

I don't know either. I can listen to all kind of songs even I don't understand very much as long the genre is suitable with me.

But, not all of Beast song I can listen too much like Shadow, or Fiction. One is the the one is not my favorite. But I put it, because of this entry all about Beast Japan Music video.


or this one.

Hands Up


This My Life


Can't Wait To Love You

All Is In U

While I keep uploading these music video, I listen for it. And watch some. And I saw something. The color of Beast Music. And I smile myself. 

Jun Hyung change their concept yet still sound like Beast. Of course. Their are beast. haha

And of this compilation is enjoy YeY Japanese Version.

Hope Beast will reproduce those song to Korean. I would love to hear in Hangul.

PS: those video was collection from Beast Music channel. 

Of course they have other Japanese song from Universal Studio Japan, But those songs is ....

hahaha not my taste.

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