12 Jan 2016

DRAMA: My Male God

Wow~ this morning I saw this, and suddenly it's capturing  my heart. Ah~ gitu kau.

My Male God also known as Mr Right is Chang Ji Wook first chinese-korea drama.

You also can find HERE about his details drama information.


Poor  me because I can't read pinyin. yet hangul. Actually, being Kpop die hard fans isn't bad because we learn about their language.

Back to topic.

 This drama is about  love story of Wang Wei An (Ji Chang Wook) who has good looks but a nitpicking personality, and Yang Hai Yi (Wang Xiao Chen) who falls in love with him at first sight. Filming will begin in mid-November with Shanghai as the main background, while filming will also be done in Seoul.

It's will be aired early 2016 at Hunan TV.

You can find more details at



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