6 Jan 2016

DRAMA REVIEW: Cheese in the Trap

Drama ini berkisarkan perhubungan seorang pelajar perempuan universiti bernama Hong Seol dan senior nya bernama Yoo Jung. Hong Seol yang terpaksa bekerja separuh masa untuk membayar yurannya manakala Yoo Jung pula seorang pelajar yang handsome, selalu mendapat dekan dan berpesonality yang baik. Namun, dia mempunyai kisah silam yang buruk.

Wah~ it's been awhile I didn't write about it. Cheese in the Trap start with WEBTOON. Finally, they make it to drama and I so excited about it.
Firstly I don't want to watch because: I don't know the actor/actress and based on their webtoon, this drama maybe don't have strong story line. But, This webtoon stand for season 3, means..... Seol and Yoo Jung still have fans~ including me.. A new fans. :D

Cheese in the Trap will be airing from January 4 until February 26 2016 with 16 episode. They aired on TVN network.

Lead actor/actress:

Actually for lead female actress, the director want Bae Suzy to take it, but she refuses. Kim Go Eun also refuses it, but the director work hard to get her in this drama, so she accepted and director also adjusting shooting schedule for her. Wow~ PD nim.. Him ne sae yo~ heheh

I hope the ending won't upset me. Cause this drama the good drama for opening 2016. Hope you enjoy it.


  1. orite2 bunyina menarik ^^ masuk list ni yg kena tonton XD

  2. Seriously cerita dia bestttttt! Even baru tgk sampai ep 2! >< Park hae jin pulak tuuuu first actornya! :DDD Love it!