14 Jan 2016

OST: Cheese In the Trap

Ah~ my heart melting as he can. hahaha

Done watching Episode 3 & 4 today. And I just craving for the end of the story. Because I hate to see Yoo Jung sunbae cold face. T.T 

And, of course, while watching I also listening to the soundtrack that sounds awesome. Why? Ah~ 

My heart still stumbles very hard and I think I might re-watch the drama over and over again. Ah~ ah~ Park Hae Jin ruining my life for today. mwahaha 

Okay, let's start with the Part One of the soundtrack that capturing our heart so badly and doesn't want to leave till the drama over. 

Yehaaa~ I glad and I will provide the space for it. haha

-----new update-----

The last one entry, the video I used for it, get banned from youtube, so I just share with you the legal one. haha

Cheese in the Trap already wrap the drama series. But, don't worry. Webtoon version still on and hitting our heart again. :D

I just realize this, drama just work with TEARLINES for the soundtrack. I wonder who are they. Their music so warm and it's nice t listening while finishing my work.

The first song make my heart fluttering while my hands so busy working on keyboard,


I forget already who is sing this song. But, his voice .. ah~

Suddenly I feel frustrated because it's hard to find their official video. I think the fan made will  get ban too.

I want to official music video for this. AH~

This one also...
Why? Why??

and this one.. 

Ah~ there were so many I want the official music video. hurm.. very frustrated!

This one got no fan made, and I don't really into this thing either. Ah~

And the last one I want you to hear is Hong Seol a.k.a Kim Go Eun herself sing for this soundtrack. And her voice, are awesome. Dreamland voice. I bet you~

ha~ so what is your opinion? 

Want some more? Na~ here I share with you the link for make easier step. Haha So, don't click another new tab for it. Just click down below! And you can see which song do you want. 

Totally whole soundtrack. You can see which one that capture your heart. Mine was part 3 until 8. hahaha


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