17 Jan 2016

Paris Holiday

I was glad I found this movie. Meaning a lot when you try to figure out what actually love means. Well, love never mean together or you need to have it. Love such a subjective thing or emotion there need all of your heart. haha sorry for such a lousy comment. But, I totally 100% recommended this drama for who looking for love.

Country: China, Hong Kong
Genre: Romantic 
Release: July 2015
Description: Shooting all around Paris, a story about Lam Chung Kit plays by Louis Koo an executive wine company flees to Paris after he was broken when his girlfriend refuses his proposal. Once he arrived at Paris, he knew that his roommate also gets dumped by her boyfriend. To a platonic love, his agent told her roommate that he was a gay. How this love can be? 

While watching this, the background songs remind me some of Howl's Moving Castle. hahaha Maybe it's just me. 

CLICK HERE to watch online.


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