8 Jan 2016

REVIEW:Thai Drama Full House

Country: Thailand
Released: 2014
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Status: Completed
Cast : Mike D'Angelo, Manaying Sucharat & etc
Description: Aom is a writer who got swindled out of her house during her trip to Korea. She finds out that her house was sold to Mike and in an attempt to get her possessions back, she enters a contract marriage with Mike for one year. Though she lost everything, Aom remains optimistic and take strike. What started out as a business relationship between the two become personal as they start to care for each other.

Remark: This drama was remade of Full House Korean Drama. 


EP 01 EP 02 | EP 03 | EP 04 | EP 05 | EP 06 | EP 07 | EP 08 | EP 09 | EP 10 

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