17 Jan 2016


Searching for Kris Wu Yi Fan movie collection after he left EXO. Wow~ since Somewhere Only We Know, he changes in this movie. Even his scene not so much, but he nailed it. I love his acting. 

Country: China Mainland
Genre: Crime drama
Release; September 9, 2015
Description: Mr. Six tells of a 50-or-so-year -old street punk called “Lao Pao Er” who has reigned over the Beijing streets as the neighborhood kingpin for many years. One day, when his mischievous son causes a dispute against a much younger drag-racing street gang leader, he steps up to help defend him. “Lao Pao Er” then discovers that the younger generation of gang members have already named this drag racer as his successor, and he no longer holds any ground in the street scene

My review:  First watched, I'm kinda lost in this transcription. What this movie all about? Because I read some comment said this movie so touching because Mr.Six went to save his only son. Yet, why Kris acting like a son who misses his father so much. Although he never listens to his father who very busy with the business. And I was ah~ this movie about fatherhood perhaps. Worth to watch because Kris Wu Yi Fan grew up in the filming industry. Yeah~ he much better. I can't wait to see him in the traditional suit when he act in an old genre. Go Go, Go, Kris, ~ hehe 



Waiting for his next movie... yeeeehhh~

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