16 Jan 2016

REVIEW MOVIE: Tiny Times Collection

Who know about Tiny Times? 

The movie that gathering a bunch of handsome and beauty in Chinese entertainment industry and cinematography in this movie was significant. I love all about this movie. 

Country: China Mainland
Genre: Friendship, Romance, Comedy, Drama
Description: Shanghai the present day, Lin Xiao, (Yang Mi) 25, is a graduate of Shanghai University and shares a flat with her three friends since high school days - smart and organised Gu Li ( Amber Kuo), artistic Nan Xiang (Bea Hayden) who design clothes, and overweight Tang Wan Ru (Miss Lin) whose only interest is eating. 

Also, Wu Yi Fan who sings the soundtrack for this movie gains his popularity since he left EXO in middle 2014. 

It's so sad. When Kris Wu Yi Fan start to sing this soundtrack, his fans start crying because his sad story. Ah~ He also my bae. Omoh~ 

When I watched this movie, I can't stop myself to smile alone. Why? because they so crazy damn handsome, and ahhh~ Okay. be still, enjoy your movie.. 

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