20 Feb 2016

Choice of songs

Hai hai, we meet again today... 

After I got wrong place to share my current choice of songs, so.. here I am. To continue to rest of story. 

Currently mood is listening this song

Kind of classic right? Actually I just left youtube play it for me. So, perhaps they choose randomly based on my first choice.

Firstly, I want to listen to Lifehouse songs,

The band was famous along 2009, when I was 19 years old.. Why I didn't listen to them? urgh~ I got knowing them because of The Vampire Diaries. 

And until now, addicted to them. Whenever I felt ah~ I need a theraphy of country for awhile. And I search for them. Nice. Jason Wade voice along with Bryce and.. bring peace for me.. hohoho

Actually what I want to tell here? ah~ serabut english aku even dengan bantuan grammar yang bengong jugak ni.. 

Okay la.. 

Idea pun dah hilang.. haha sebab mood jalan-jalan nak cari lagu dah habis. tadi lagi cari lagu ni.. 

Boleh la baca di SINI


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