27 Feb 2016

OST: The Descendants of the Sun

Finally, our waiting is worth when the opening of this drama is awesome! I tell you, the most soundtrack I looked forward is whenever you didn't watch the drama, you still can imagine the song. Ah~ You know what I mean. 

It's hard tho'... 

Now, I just jump up into the sky and tell the world how happy I am.  kihkih


After Chen sing for It's Okay It's Love soundtrack, I'll always look forward to him to sing another soundtrack. Now, he is back. 

After I read some comment at youtube, then I just realize that this song tune is same with the last one. Yeah~ It's really same. But, never mind. I don't care as long the song is AWESOME!!!

Wanna hears it??


You can listen to  it by yourself how this two soundtrack embraced each other. hohoho

Or you might want to hear Punch sing for It's Okay It's Love soundtrack.

Please don't die okay? hahaha

I will back.


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