4 Feb 2016

OST: Moorim School PART TWO

Hai~ anyeong. Oraenmaniya chingu ah~ It's been long time guys I didn't have time to update with you. Yes. This week I will share with you soundtrack from Moorim School Part two. Yes. Yes. VIXX again sing for this drama. Ah~ I can't keep going like this. VIXX killing me inside. ah~~~ TOLONG!!!! 

Okay. Sebelum merapu meraban lagi. Moh ler kita yer.. 

Let's Begin~

1. VIXX - The Kings

Walaupun dia cakap situ no 4. For me, when VIXX sings, they always no one! yeah~


No komen.

3. B.I.G - Hey Girl

Second favorite. B.I.G always have the nice voice to listen. :D

4. TAKE -  Addiction

And if you interested with the OST, you can download HERE


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