18 Feb 2016

PLAYLIST: February 2016

Hai hai hai~ it's been long time guys.. 

Last update about Moorim School OST.. 

And today I want t share with you guys about my playlist during this February. The month usually people named it as "Love Month" hohohoho

So, I did want to share with you guys about my love playlist. How I'm changing from R & B genre to soul or acoustic genre. AH~ I can't tell it by myself until I realise in my playlist, there were a lot of soul song. Waa~

There will quite a lot, but I will share which almost played in my playlist. Which mean, the favorite song. yeah~ the most favorite. The song that I'll replaying a lot till the end of this month. haha 

I will start with no 10. 

10. Zayn Malik - Pillowtalk

9. MNEK & Zara Larsson - Never Forget You

8. Zico ft Babylon - Boys and Girls

7. Dean - I'm Not Sorry

6. Dean - Put My Hands on You

5. Dean & Mila -  Here & Now

4. Demi Lovato & Zayn Malik - Why You Don't Love Me?

3. Coldplay - Hymm For the Weekends

2. Dean ft Zico - Pour Up

1. Charlie Puth - We Don't Talk Anymore


That's all my playlist. Eventhough , some song were lame, but for me, I just heard in this month, yeah~ it's pretty new for me. hehehe

Special entree~

ZICO -  I am You, You are Me


  1. selama nie sdg mencari lagu apa nak letak dlm playlist, lepas nie nak cuba download dan dgar pula :)