5 Mar 2016

REVIEW MOVIE: Miss You Already

Country: UK

Starring: Drew Barrymore, Toni Collette

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance

Duration: 102 minutes

Released: 2015

Synopsis: The friendship between two long-life girlfriends put on a test when one starts a family, and the other falls ill. 


My tears was burst down when watched this movie. It's so sad when you had such a good best friend since young, and like that. I want more friend like Jess. Omaigad~ 

Toni Collette really took a challenge to play Milly in this movie. I'm so impressed with her acting. There were so many her movie are awesome too. Yeah~ I'm gonna put in my watch list. 

It's awesome guys. You should watch it. Here~ WATCH ONLINE

I bet not regret after that. You will appreciate people around you more than others. T^T
Yeah~ I should move tho'

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