25 Dec 2016



Ne ne ne.. Mian he for going hiatus for long time. Now I'm back, and I wishes all of you a Merry Christmas..  ho ho ho ho

After awhile watching this drama named Goblin make me wonder what purpose of my living? kih kih How a drama can affected you after you watch it? 

hurm, the best drama for 2016 and I don't regret it. 

First of all, according the title, I will share with you guys, the list of the soundtrack. The awesomeness of music director of this drama, wow~ give him or her a big applause! 

*virtual claps*

First episode of this drama, we appreciate how Park Chanyeol of EXO deep voice featuring with the Queen soundtrack Punch. Wow~ Favorite ever this song. How I can't tell you this drama will win award for the next year?!
 With Gong Yoo and his bride, what is her name again, Ji Eun Tak also will win the favorite Couple. *virtual claps again*

Yeah, I'm so excited writing this entry after go hiatus for damn semester. Now, I'm free! yeehhheee!!

Park Chanyeol and Punch asked us to stay with them, yes we stay... to use our eyes to see the chemistry between the Goblin, Grim Reaper and his bride to manage to bromance. 

After we watch the bromance and romance between them, they keep us silent with Hush!
How could them??? T.T

The silentness keep us see the beautiful of this drama with Crush melting voice. How can we denied the choice of this soundtrack?? T.T

Yet again, with Eddy Kim, Goblin amuse his bride with this song.. O M G !!!

The sadness of this week can't be gone with Goblin asked himself about his bride, T.T 
I just can't wait till next week, yet the new year... 
And Sam Kim killed the song!!!

*double tears triple sadness*

What next??? It still have 8 or 10 episode more... 

What if the Goblin died? What happen to hsis bride? How Grim Reaper manage after knowing his past life is the King yet The Goblin brother in law?? How he?? How?? How??? 


Till next week... 

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