10 Aug 2017

Bride Of Water God Ha Baek

Wow wow wow...

Bride of water God Ha Baek is currently airing. Who's with me always waiting this drama?

yeah. Among all drama this August, this the best drama and the only one I always watching when it done subbing. But, now I have to wait next episode because today just Thursday. T.T

Yesterday, I read at koreaboo said that Bride of water God Ha Baek don't have a good view rating during these days. WHAT WRONG WITH THEM?

Me like reading that articel +_+ .. I always watch it. Even not airing time. Because I'm not korean people, obviously.


Bride of Water God Ha Baek is reproduce or recreating from manhwa. So, people might think the drama isn't good as manhwa. Still their doing great actually from the first episode. Maybe after watching the few episode, people lost their intrest to watch it again.

Let's go guys..  watch this drama and rate it yourself. kbai

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till we update again..

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